self storage installation

Self Storage Solutions

Value Storage Hallway Systems     September House Value Storage Hallway Systems have grown to become the self-storage industry benchmark in custom hallway and corridor systems provider. Built around our flush, gloss white 20 gauge non-structural piers and headers to provide one of the strongest hallway systems in the industry. With endless design possibilities and numerous options available such as: chamfered corners, diamond plate aluminum kick plates, diamond plate aluminum corner guards, lighting soffits, built in locker units, flush swing doors, multi-floor Access-A-Deck Mezzanine Systems, and even stackable wine storage. Our Value Storage Hallway Systems can provide you with the custom solution you're looking for. Whether it's new construction, mezzanine, or interior conversion we have a solution for your situation.
Stackable Locker Systems     September House's ready-to-assemble lockers allow you to advertise storage at a low cost monthly rate, and not lose profits while doing so. Starting at only $145.00 per unit, these lockers can offer added rentable space to any facility. Fitting behind stairwells, in oversized hallways, or stacked together in un-rentable units, these low cost lockers turn your now empty units into money making locker units. Various configurations and sizes are available. All units are now available with an all stainless steel door option. No drilling is required; all holes are pre-punched for a simple bolt-together assembly.
Access-A-Deck Mezzanine Systems    Due to transitioning demographics and the availability of vacant commercial buildings in prime locations, self storage facilities are penetrating the suburban markets.  September House’s “Access-A-Deck” mezzanine system provides two levels of storage from a single level warehouse or building, maximizing existing floor space into profitable rentable area.  The “Access-A-Deck” utilizes existing HVAC and lighting systems, minimizing the normal costs associated with self-storage conversions.  The “Access-A-Deck” system qualifies as equipment for most leasing packages, offering owners immediate rental cash-flow with minimal up-front expence.
Interior Conversions     Due in part to the overall population growth and demographic shifts of modern culture there has been an explosion of warehouse conversions in recent years. Pioneered by Europeans, who have long been short on land, this practice of converting old buildings into useful storage has experienced a tremendous growth in popularity. September House's Access-A-Deck Mezzanine Systems and Value Storage Hallway Systems have taken full advantage of this warehouse conversion trend. Mezzanine Conversions offer additional savings by using the existing HVAC and lighting. Many of our systems also qualify as equipment allowing for accelerated depreciation and relocation possibilities, only adding to their value and appeal.